LBTF Book CoverLeave Better Than Found:  We each have the power to live a life of purpose, significance, and happiness. Our attitude, actions, and influence link together to create our personal legacy. Leave Better Than Found isn’t a magic formula or complicated equation, but rather a mission that is capable of positively transforming the life of any individual. We may not change the world in its entirety, but we each have the ability to entirely change our world and impact the lives of those in it. Don’t wait until tomorrow to be everything you were made to be today.

WftRC Book Cover FINAL-2Wisdom from the Rocking Chair: Dillon Cooper was a standout athlete in high school & college. In his mind, the transition from playing to coaching would be seamless & easy, but in his first years of coaching he encounters challenges he never envisioned. It wasn't until he met coaching legend, Rock, that Dillon began to realize the true meaning of the word, "Coach". Throughout the story, Rock asks tough questions, tells memorable stories, and teaches important lessons empowering Dillon to become a better coach & ultimately a better person. Wisdom from the Rocking Chair is a story that will help inspire growth for any individual responsible for leading others!

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