In each keynote presentation, Taylor brings an intensity and perspective to engage as well as inspire a wide range of audiences. The content he covers is designed to challenge each person in attendance to pursue their own personal excellence while positively impacting the lives of others. His unique experiences coupled with easily transferable strategies provide value to organizations, teams, and individuals regardless of industry, group, or occupation. 


Leave Better Than Found

We may not change the world in its entirety, but we each have the ability to entirely change our world and impact the lives of those in it. Leave Better Than Found is about creating your best personal legacy through positive mental attitude, action, and influence. Taylor will give you stories, research, tips, and motivation to unleash your greatest potential while maximizing the time we each have here on earth.

Acceptance of Discipline

Everyone has 86,400 seconds in their day. What are the highest achievers in any occupation doing differently with their time? How can we take the strategies that have led to their long-term sustainable success and apply them into our own lives? Taylor’s strategies and message helps you better align your aspirations with your actions leading to the results you crave.

The Power of "PMA"

The Power of "PMA", or positive mental attitude, focuses on the strength in our minds. It's not the absence of pessimism, anger, or fear- we all have negative thoughts. Having a positive mental attitude also doesn’t mean that we won’t experience tough circumstances or have a bad day every once in a while. PMA is, however, the idea that through optimism, love, and belief we can take ourselves to places we’ve never been and we can overcome any challenge that life throws our way!


When people think about people in leadership positions, they are often attached with titles, status, and power. People not in these positions have a tendency to devalue their importance. At it’s root, leadership is influence. In any organization there are people who have the ability to influence more so than others, but each person, regardless of position, also has the ability to positively or negatively influence the people around them. Taylor uses his real-life examples to show the importance of each interaction in our lives.

Building a Culture of Excellence

Building culture has become a buzz topic in teams and organizations. The best organizations empower their employees and team members to become the best versions of themselves. They bring out the best qualities in each individual that ultimately leads to increased unity, morale, performance, and sustainable success. How does an organization bring out the best in their people? What steps does an organization have to take in order to transform their culture? Taylor emphasizes keys to building and sustaining organizational culture as well as protecting against the pitfalls that can ruin your culture.

Trust the Process

In our results-oriented world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the daily pressures that we each face. Our focus and attention can turn to outcomes, which are often out of our control. This shift in focus often leads to underperformance, constant stress, and decreased morale. Taylor’s message will help turn your attention back to things within your control. In doing so, we don’t suppress our outcomes, we enhance them.