I came up with the title of my book, Leave Better Than Found, one afternoon when I was thinking about valuable lessons I learned in my childhood. One distinct lesson I remembered was to always pick up after myself; to leave the place better than I found it. I was recently listening to a podcast with Jay Bilas, an ESPN basketball analyst. Bilas was discussing his basketball camp that he runs each year for high school players. The message he relayed to them before the camp was to make sure to clean up after yourself- to not leave a mess for the custodians to clean up at the day’s end. If there is an empty bottle on the ground, don’t walk past it- pick it up and throw it in the trash. At the end of the camp, he addressed the players again, and he used the same message but in broader terms: never make a mess for someone else to clean up, leave every place you go better than when you found it. It’s a simple motto, but a profound one, which is why it’s the title of my book. Leave people and places better than when you found them. Don’t make a mess that someone else has to clean up!

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