Think about your daily life as the battery of a cell phone.

Ideally, when we plug our phone in overnight, we will wake up to it being 100% charged. For us as people, each night, we hopefully get enough quality rest to reset our body to 100% or at least close to 100% the next morning. On some occasions, maybe we don’t get a full charge, which causes us to start the day at less than 100%. It’s important to “grind” and work, but it’s also important to re-charge our batteries as well. When we consistently start our days at a percentage much less than 100, we limit how effective we can be with our daily activities.

Reflection Question: Are you getting a full charge on most evenings?

Continuing along with the same analogy, throughout the day, when we use our phone, the battery’s charge goes down based on how much we use it. A question I like to ask myself is how much of my personal battery am I using each day? On a standard day, I want my head to hit the pillow each night knowing that I need a re-charge. That I’ve exhausted my energy, or my battery, towards activity that made my day as productive and as great as it possibly could have been. I don’t, however, want my battery to die in a day because I ran around aimlessly and took poor care of myself through negative habits- that’s an important distinction to be made.

Reflection Question: Are you using your full battery life on most days? What activities are using up your battery? Are they activities that enhance your life/ make you better or make you happy?

Another though to consider are ways we can maintain our battery life throughout the day. It might be things such as eating right, exercising, or reading something that gives us extra motivation or a thought to ponder. Sometimes, it might mean that we take 3-5 minutes to stop all activity and concentrate on our breathing. Whatever it is, it’s important that we not only strive to use our entire battery life productively, but also to engage in activity that prolongs our battery in a day and over an extended period of time.

Reflection Question: What are some simple ways that you can prolong your battery life in a day?

Overall, I believe that each day we should strive to exhaust our battery through activities that make us better or make us happy. Throughout the day, it’s important to remain conscious of engaging in activity that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our battery to hold a stronger charge. Then, lastly, when it’s time to hit our head on the pillow at night to re-charge, we get as close as we can to 100% the next morning!

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