I read or listen to something informational every day. Through books, blogs, and podcasts I have certainly learned a great deal about the power of the human mind. ¬†Nothing I’ve ever read or heard, however, trumps the first-hand experience I got in seeing the way my grandfather attacked each day. He was known for acronyms, but “PMA” is the one that will forever stick with me, and in honor of his 77th birthday, I’m going to list 7 things that make up “PMA” or positive mental attitude.

1.) Perspective: When we seek all the great things in our lives, we usually find them and attract them. Look for the good today!

2.) Gratitude: Being thankful for the opportunities, people, and small things that surround us. Tell someone you are thankful for them today.

3.) Mindful Complaints: I get it, we all have things we wish could be different or are less than ideal. Instead of mindlessly complaining about a problem today, come up with a solution to make it better.

4.) Response to Adversity: We all face difficult situations in our lives, how we respond to the circumstances in which we face goes a long way in shaping who we are. Remember in any situation you face today, you control how you respond.

5.) Humor: Life is too short to be serious ALL the time. I am still constantly working on this myself, but don’t be afraid to share a laugh or a joke with somebody.

6.) Accepting Challenges: The only way we grow is by doing things that challenge us. Don’t be afraid to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable today. Simply accepting the challenge is often the toughest part!

7.) Word Choice: Speak in terms of opportunity today, rather than obligation.

Happy Birthday, MT, I am thinking about you!

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