What exactly is experience? Just because an individual is  20 years older than someone does that make them wiser? Is a coach with 30 years of experience wiser than someone with 5 years? Not necessarily. Does the number of years you have been doing something potentially give you an advantage? Yes; but only if you have grown from the experiences in which you have had.

The wisest individuals I know aren’t always the most “experienced”, they are the people who know who they are and are supremely confident in what they do, BUT are always open to growth. They’ve learned through their experiences. They’re typically the ones always asking the questions, rather than giving all the answers. They are the ones who are trying to figure out what they don’t know, rather than continually discussing how much they already do know.

No matter how old you are, how long you have been doing something, there is ALWAYS opportunity to gain more wisdom. Experience comes from your personal growth along the journey, not the “time you have put in” or the number of years you have been doing something.

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  1. I like to think in terms of portable knowledge. You learn things from all different aspects of personal and professional life. How you integrate that information, transform it, and re-apply it is key.

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