I read to think, reflect, and learn. Many times after doing some reading, I will write down reflections or thoughts that I got from reading or that I’ve had throughout a day. I decided to share a few this morning in hopes that it will spark reflection or thought within you as well:

-Who is in your circle? Who are people that you can meet with or talk to on a regular basis with knowledge & whom you also trust to give you open, candid feedback? Sometimes we as individuals can be blinded by our own processes & egos. Do we have people in our lives whom we trust to give open, honest feedback? Do we tap into them as resources?

-It’s not to say that we have have to implement every suggestion we receive, but surrounding ourselves with people who inspire introspection is positive for self-growth.

-What are barriers to honest conversation?

Ego: Taking things as a personal attack, as opposed to a constructive critique to help us improve.

Status/Rank: Being “too low on the hierarchy” to offer a new thought or idea.

Fear: Fear of being shot down or looked at as stupid/ incompetent.

-Do we as leaders create environments that allow people, regardless of rank, status, or role to ask questions & offer ideas? Can we put away our ego while receiving feedback?

-Lead from theĀ inside-out. Tap into your own power & passion first, then let the light shine through those in which you have the privilege to lead. Your example is more powerful than your words.

-Competition is a privilege. We shouldn’t take the opportunity for granted. Whatever level of competition it is, we should always embrace the opportunity to compete.

-Find joy in competing. There’s always opportunity to learn more about yourself, others, and in general, about life, through competition.

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