A man by the name of Roger Bannister is said to be the first person to ever eclipse the 4:00 minute mile mark. Before Bannister broke the mark, many believed that the feat was physically impossible. Competitors in the mile run had put up a psychological block on what they believed was truly possible; a sub-four minute mile was something that no one would ever do. After Bannister set the new record in 1954, his time was quickly beat by another runner. The record continued to lower and today a sub-four minute mile is considered a good time, but top runners routinely complete the mile run in under four minutes.

Chances are you have put similar barriers in your life. We all do; we put up walls that stop us from being the absolute best we can possibly be or accomplishing something that we’ve always wanted. We spend so much time searching for and finding every reason and excuse as to why we can’t do something. We tell ourselves something is too hard or we aren’t “gifted enough” or how we don’t have the resources necessary. All of this leads us to self-imposed walls that block us from what we are capable of. Get of your own way. Stop finding every excuse and reason as to why you can’t and start creating reasons you can.

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